EZPath Tips and Tricks

Here is a collection of tips and tricks i have found while using the EZPath software.


To enter the parameters of the machine you need to access a hidden menu. To access the menu, from the main screen, Press “9” To enter the utilities menu.

While in the utilities menu, Press “*” and you will be prompted for a password.

Enter “51443” and press enter, Then press “1” to enter “PFM”.

PFM.EXE is the machine configuration utility where you can modify parameters.

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Floppy to USB Conversion

Converting the floppy drive to USB is relatively easy. 

Ive used a GOTEK #SFR1M44-U100 with success. 

Youll need to format a USB flash drive using the utility linked below, which converts the flash drive into partitions with a 1.44mb size. These “Virtual disks” are what you will use to transfer programs to the machine.

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